Books by Elliot Kreloff

SKU: 978-1685556372

Join Rabbit and Fox on an informative, hilarious, and celebratory journey into the who, what, why, and where of poop.

"With its cute, engaging illustrations, this is a joyful exploration that is sure to appeal to all youngsters.” —Artie Bennett, author of the classic children’s books The Butt Book and Poopendous!
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SKU: 978-1-68555-261-9

One little pest is more than plenty. Ten of them is way too many!

A bold and graphic counting book of creepy, crawly, slimy pests—‘bugs and worms and slugs, oh my!’ Kids love yucky things. This sturdy board book is a fun way for preschoolers to learn to count from 1 to 10, with simple rhyming text and brightly colored artwork. Each “pesky” illustration is embellished with iridescent foil making this an irresistible addition to any preschooler’s library. 
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Once Upon A Line
SKU: 9781685550042

“Once upon a time, a line was drawn.” So begins the journey of Line, a small drawing asking some big questions. Who is he? What should he do? Where does he fit in? On a voyage of self-discovery that takes him from the east to the west, from the mountains to the sea, Line tries on many shapes and sizes, often with hilarious consequences. But can Line find his true purpose without losing hope? With a heartwarming conclusion, Once Upon a Line explores a journey all must take—to discover your true self. With witty wordplay, relatable dialogue, and engaging illustrations, this story helps readers find the confidence and enthusiasm to discover their own identity and purpose.
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Tuesday Is Daddy's Day
SKU: 978-0823448913

A charming look at the many forms a happy family can take—whether she's with Mommy at her house, or with Daddy and his partner Harry at their apartment, this little girl always knows she's loved. 

The little girl in this story loves her busy routine. Some days Mommy picks her up at school and they walk to her house.  Other days, she and Daddy take the bus to the apartment he shares with his partner. She has two rooms, two homes, and one big, loving family. (Even if both her parents make her eat broccoli—yuck!)
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The Luckiest Snowball
SKU: 978-0823441051

"Help! I'm melting!" A boy rescues a snowball again and again in this funny story about a snowball that gets to see all four seasons.

A boy makes a snowball and is about to throw it when he hears "Stop! . . . Let's do something else." So the boy and the snowball make a snow angel, build a snow fort, and make a snowman instead. The boy decides to take the snowball home. 
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Please Don't Make Me Fly!
SKU: 978-1634401791

Whether it's learning how to take the first steps, or how to ride a bike, children must believe in themselves and trust the adults who care for them before jumping into something new. Once Max believes he will be safe, our little bird spreads his wings.
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Worth the Wait
SKU: 978-1634401807

"I wish I was taller." "I can't wait to be old enough to . . ." "If only I could dance like her." We've all had feelings like these. But in time it becomes clear our unique talents and qualities make us each one-of-a kind.
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