The Luckiest Snowball

The Luckiest Snowball

The Luckiest Snowball
By Elliot Kreloff
Published by Holiday House
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"Help! I'm melting!" A boy rescues a snowball again and again in this funny story about a snowball that gets to see all four seasons.

A boy makes a snowball and is about to throw it when he hears "Stop! . . . Let's do something else." So the boy and the snowball make a snow angel, build a snow fort, and make a snowman instead. The boy decides to take the snowball home. 

When the snowball starts to melt, the boy rescues it by putting it in the freezer, where the snowball meets some very nice frozen foods and a tray of ice cubes too. The snowball meets flowers and butterflies in spring, sea and sand in summer, and apples and colorful leaves in fall. 

With a bright, glittery cover and bold illustrations, The Luckiest Snowball is a great read-aloud to share. Children will enjoy shouting along with the snowball's refrain-- "Help! I'm melting!"

There is back matter about the seasons and the three states of water.

Hardcover | 40 pages | $17.99 USD | 978-0823441051 | September 10, 2019